Protective coatings resistant to high levels of corrosion

Our polyester-based highly corrosion-resistant OBRIT coating is the ideal choice in the area of water protection, where high demands are placed on environmental protection. The coating is applied as a protective layer on cementitious surfaces. It is resistant to leaking water-polluting liquids and therefore preventing the liquid from penetrating into the concrete, diverting the subsequent risk of damage to the substrate.


  • polyester base
  • protection against corrosion
  • maximum resistance to chemicals
  • smooth, non-porous and seamless
  • very good mechanical and thermal resistance
  • easy to clean
  • smooth or non-slip
  • glass fibre reinforced
  • bridges cracks

Areas of use:

  • Chemical storage facilities
  • CIP rooms
  • Water treatment plants
  • Collection trays
  • Storage of poisons
  • Extinguishing water tanks
  • Heating oil installations